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This page contains questions and answers.



Registration Issues:

Registration page hangs or doesn't load:
This is due to the website address not being on SSL usually, we have taken steps to stop this happening so should be ok now. Please check your on https://garage-cloud.co.uk

Registration email didn't come through:
Please check your junk/spam folders, at the moment our site is quite new so our emails seem to go into spam boxes. If you have not got your email within 5 mins then please email dean@garage-cloud.co.uk with your username and were get it sorted asap.

Login Issues:

Login page hangs or doesn't load:
Same as above for registration, please check you are on https://garage-cloud.co.uk we have taken steps to stop this happening.

Wrong Credentials:
If you are getting a login error saying your details are wrong, please double check them or reset password.


Cannot select mp3 files using default browse option:
It seems IOS has an issue with mp3 files and it doesn't allow you to select them (greyed out). We are currently unsure if there is a way around this as no apple devices on the team. If anyone else finds a way to upload mp3 files to our site via iPhones please get in touch.

Currently the only option we have for IOS users is to convert the MP3 to M4A or MP4 as IOS seems to allow you to select these files. We are currently working on our own converter page but for now please use a 3rd party website or app of your choice.

We are in no way affiated with this website but this website seems to do what it says on the tin for converting files - https://www.onlineconverter.com/iphone-audio

Layout issues, website overlapping icons/images:
For some users there are some issues with the layout of the website, this is due to the settings on your device... please check the view settings.

Android Issues:

Haha BEHAVE! no problems with android as always 😜

Upload Issues:

Cannot upload tracks:
Please make sure you are only uploading MP3, M4A or MP4 files, other formats are NOT supported, also we dont allow links to files so you must have the file on your device.


Any other issues please let us know via email at dean@garage-cloud.co.uk


The GarageCloud Team